Program Improvement Award!!


Program Improvement Award


The purpose of the Program Improvement Award is to provide physical educators in NM with additional resources to enhance their teaching, curriculum, and PE programs.

Description:The Program Improvement Award provides up to $1,000 for teachers to support teaching and program development. Funds may be used to purchase equipment and technology, curriculum materials, to attend professional development experiences (i.e. SHAPE America National Convention), or any other endeavor that will enhance teaching effectiveness and overall program quality. Funds MAY NOT be used for personnel and/or stipends. 

Note: funds will be distributed by SHAPE NM to the school associated with teachers receiving program achievement awards. 

Eligibility:Teachers must be current members of SHAPE NM in order to submit an application proposal (membership can be paid at the time of application submission). Must not be a SHAPE NM board member within the last 5 years.

Application materials DUE OCTOBER 1:

  • Completed application form (attached)
  • Letter of support from school principal

Requirements:Funds must be spent within one year of award. Teachers receiving funding are expected to attend the SHAPE NM annual conference the following year and present activities and outcomes associated with the award and submit documentation of itemized expenditures.

Evaluation:Proposals will be evaluated by SHAPE NM board with consideration of: (a) the amount of funding requested, (b) the number of proposals received, (c) project description and potential impact, (d) perceived support from school principal and community, and (e) number and frequency of previous program improvement awards received.

Download the Application

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